Gravity Home v0.93 (0.93) Android Apk App

Gravity Home 0.93
Requirements: ANDROID:2.1 and up
Overview: Transform your home screen in a funny alternative launcher.

Gravity Home = Live wallpaper + Launcher + Physics

Turn the phone upside down and watch your favorite app icons respond to gravity, hanging aroung the screen, being completelly funcional.

- Select custom app list to show in the live wallpaper
- Change app icons size
- Lock icons only in home screen (only affecting 1 desktop)

To access the wallpaper press

What's New:
Fixed "Lock icons only in home screen" in Sense devices

Download Instructions:


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Total Commander for Android 1.0 beta 9 (2nd public beta) Apk App

Total Commander for Android 1.0 beta 9 (2nd public beta)
Requirements: Android
Overview: Total Commander for Android is a twin panel file manager 

2011-06-24 Release v 1.0 beta 9
-Fixed: Encryption of ZIP files with no compression (level 0) did not work
-Added: New language: Italian
-Added: Menu item "Open as" which is shown for unknown extensions: Added 4th option "Text"
-Added: Enable logging to file: Just create file named log.txt in /mnt/sdcard/.TotalCommander
-Fixed: Transfer mode setting for ftp not working any more
-Added: Show icon of plugin in the button bar, only show txt/bin/auto if plugin supports it
-Added: Show link targets (only works when directory is loaded in root mode)
-Fixed: Do not count link sizes in properties
-Fixed: Custom Truetype fonts not working
-Fixed: Unpacker stopped working
-Fixed: After packing, the focus could switch to the other panel
-Fixed: Restore scroll position in both panels when rotating the screen
-Fixed: Properties of multiple files: Show date of file under cursor only when that file was selected, otherwise show date of first selected
-Fixed: Any password input control: Do not show in full screen mode in landscape, because due to a bug in Android, either the password is visible, or the keyboard layout cannot be changed
-Fixed: Call disconnect("") for all loaded plugins when closing TC (system calls onDestroy() method)
-Fixed: Call unregisterReceiver after ending Bluetooth enumeration
-Fixed: Do not call registerReceiver for ACTION_SCREEN_OFF event more than once
-Fixed: Do not change encoding of ANSI files (e.g. in editor) and file names (ZIP/RAR) depending on the user interface language - use system encoding instead
-Fixed: Could not abort unpacking from zip
-Fixed: Progress bar wrong when unpacking very large files from zip
-Fixed: Properties: Permissions for some files not shown because of date parsing problem (1 instead of 01)


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Facebook for Android v1.6.0 (1.6.0) Apk App

Facebook for Android 1.6.0
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Share and stay connected with your friends with the Facebook for Android app.

Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected and share with friends. Share status updates from your home screen, chat with your friends, check out your News Feed, review your upcoming Events, look at your friends’ walls and user info, check in to Places to get Deals, upload Photos, share links, check your Messages, and watch videos.

Recent changes:
  • Added Pages 
  • News Feed improvements 
  • Added the ability to upload videos

Facebook for Android was developed by:  Facebook 

File size: 2.9MB 

Price: Free  
Requires Android: 1.5 and Up  
Download Facebook for Android Application v1.6.0:
Rebirth Android apk
Facebook for Android is a Free Android Application. To Download Facebook for Android Android Application head to Android Market link or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to get update on latest Android Apps, games and Live Wallpapers.

Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk Download

Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk Download

Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk Download
aFirewall means Android Firewall. It allows you to configure multi rules to block different call or message at different time. Please contact me by email if you need to report issues. Thanks.1).Blocked conversation supports to block unknown/private/restricted/anonymous/blacklist calls/SMS/MMS;
2).Protected conversation supports to hide selected numbers' call/SMS/MMS;
3).Support to define rules to block different call/SMS/MMS at different time;
4).Two ways to avoid forwarding blocked calls to voicemail;
5). You can set Call Blocking Mode and Message Blocking Mode seperately;
6).Support to multi hangup mode. You can forward the blocked calls to voicemail or a non-existing number. And you can set aFirewall to accept and hangup blocked calls to avoid forwarding to voicemail.
7). Prefix wildcard supported;
8). SMS response to blocked call was supported;
9). Password setting is supported;
10). SMS keywords Block is supported;
11). Export and Import of black list, white list, settings and blocking record are supported.
12). Complete log for rejected calls/messages.

Android OS Requirements
1.6 and up

What's in this version:
  1. 3.1.5:
  2. Fix a rule switching bug; Please update it;
  3. 3.1.3:
  4. Fix SMS exception;
  5. 3.1.2:
  6. Fix notification icon flick bug;
  7. 3.1.0:
  8. 1. Add sanity test;
  9. 2. Update rule from time and to time to natural format;
  10. 3. Fix importing exception;
  11. 4. Fix notification bug;
  12. 5. Fix bug while blocking SMS;
  13. 6. Fix several other bugs;
  14. 7. Add to airplane mode and silence hangup mode;
File Size : 618 Kb

Download Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk
Afirewall blocker v2.3.4 Apk Download

Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk Download

Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk Download

Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk Download
Helps delete old sms messages.Speeds up unresponsive messaging applications.
Can delete messages over a certain age, keep a set number of recent or trim threads to a set size.
Auto cleanup deletes a SINGLE sms matching criteria when a NEW sms arrives. (Auto cleanup is not compatible with all devices unfortunately)
Click wrench to configure.
Does not delete messages stored in the "deleted" folder on some devices.
Locked SMS messages are deleted.
MMS messages are not deleted (only SMS).

Android OS Requirements
1.5 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Better support for high resolution devices.
File Size : 55 Kb

Download Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk
Message Cleanup v1.5 Apk Download

SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download
Control your phone via text message with SMS Commander! Patent Pending!
*(Patent Pending)*
SMS Commander can:
- Find your silenced phone
- Lock your phone w/ SMS
- Get missed calls automatically
- Get a Google Map of your phone's location
- Get Battery Percentage
- Forwarding of text messages
We've all lost our cell phones. This application was designed to help you find your cell phone when you've left it somewhere on the silence or vibrate setting, and calling it seems hopeless. Using a secret password and a "command," you can tell your phone to set the volume to full loudness using an text message.

But that was only the beginning. Now this full-featured application provides a host of powerful commands that allows you to get the most from your Android™ phone when you are without it.
Basic Usage - Your Commander Code
You choose a special code that you can share with a trustworthy friend, that allows you to make use of SMS Commander via text message. To use a command, you need to enter:

your_password.example_command example_parameter

e.g.: if I wanted to get my mother's phone number from my phone, I would type the following in a text message to my phone:

MyAwesomePassword.getContact Mom

Within seconds, if my phone is on, I will receive my mother's phone number in a text message on the phone I used to text my phone.
Read in depth at

Android OS Requirements
1.1 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Whats new in 1.3:
  2. password.spy
  3. allows you to listen in to whoever is near your phone!
  4. If someone steals your phone, and refusees to pick up your call, just send this new command.
  5. Your phone will call you, and set itself to speaker so you can hear him!
  6. Now pick up the phone and quickly mute it. You are now listening in on whoever is near your phone!
File Size : 707 Kb

Download SMS Commander v1.21 Apk
SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

Remote RDP Enterprise v3.0.3 Apk Download

Remote RDP Enterprise v3.0.3 Apk Download

Remote RDP Enterprise v3.0.3 Apk Download
The only RDP client which supports FULL PC keyboard and mouse!World's first Remote Desktop mobile client which supports enhanced TLS(SSL) encryption and bidirectional audio, also support enhanced CredSSP encryption (Network Level Authentication, NLA)
Touchpad mode deprecated,use better on-scr mouse instead
1. Support Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, MCE 2005, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional, Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008 R2.
2. World's first NON-MS RDP client which supports TLS(SSL) encryption (RDP over SSL). Enterprise Version only.
3. World's first mobile RDP client which support bidirectional audio. Recording only available in Enterprise Version.
4. Support RDP 7.
5. Support both Admin mode and Application mode.
6. Support session auto-reconnect.
7. Copy/Paste text between local and remote
8. Attach you SD Card to remote computer as a disk, you can download/upload files.
9. Bring sound to your phone.Supports Alaw, Mulaw(ULaw), Adpcm, GSM6.10 etc audio encodings.
10. VOIP level bandwidth usage. 70%-90% less compared with other NON-MS RDP clients (PC or mobile) when playing audio.
Customizable shortcut keys, Export/import you data to SD Card.
11. zoom in /out, zoom buttons like the one in browser
Smart move detecting, flip/fast move for scrolling the screen, normal/slow move(Tap, pause, move) for moving/dragging remote windows.
Smart tap detecting, normal/short tap for left click, long tap for right click.
12. Smart input cursor detecting, show/hide software keyboard automatically.
13. Smart cursor movement (can move mouse cursor more steps when you move scroll ball fast).
14. Mouse wheel support
15. zoom in/out, support pinch zoom
16. 128 bit and TLS (SSL) encryption.
17. Connection manager.
18. Fully international keyboard support, can deliver whatever you can type
19. Small but with much more features, only 143 KB.
20. Optimized for tablet, external mouse and keyboard, support custom resolutions, also support touchpad mode.
21. Free to all software updates and upgrades.
22. Free technical support, will gladly answer all your questions about the application via e-mail or newsgroup

Android OS Requirements
1.5 and up

What's in this version:
  1. 1. Fully PC keyboard and mouse support, including mouse hover, wheel, and right click, need Android 3.1. You can also disable remote cursor in Settings.
  2. 2. Fixed black screen bug on Android 3.0.
  3. 3. Use two fingers to scroll (mouse wheel).
  4. 4. Chinese language added. Please contact if you like help on other language.
  5. 5. On-screen mouse improvement.
  6. 6. Fit Device work better on Andorid 3.0.
  7. 7. Other fixes.
  8. Please check our HTML5 RDP client on
File Size : 389 Kb

Download Remote RDP Enterprise v3.0.3 Apk
Remote RDP Enterprise v3.0.3 Apk Download