Total Commander for Android 1.0 beta 9 (2nd public beta) Apk App

Total Commander for Android 1.0 beta 9 (2nd public beta)
Requirements: Android
Overview: Total Commander for Android is a twin panel file manager 

2011-06-24 Release v 1.0 beta 9
-Fixed: Encryption of ZIP files with no compression (level 0) did not work
-Added: New language: Italian
-Added: Menu item "Open as" which is shown for unknown extensions: Added 4th option "Text"
-Added: Enable logging to file: Just create file named log.txt in /mnt/sdcard/.TotalCommander
-Fixed: Transfer mode setting for ftp not working any more
-Added: Show icon of plugin in the button bar, only show txt/bin/auto if plugin supports it
-Added: Show link targets (only works when directory is loaded in root mode)
-Fixed: Do not count link sizes in properties
-Fixed: Custom Truetype fonts not working
-Fixed: Unpacker stopped working
-Fixed: After packing, the focus could switch to the other panel
-Fixed: Restore scroll position in both panels when rotating the screen
-Fixed: Properties of multiple files: Show date of file under cursor only when that file was selected, otherwise show date of first selected
-Fixed: Any password input control: Do not show in full screen mode in landscape, because due to a bug in Android, either the password is visible, or the keyboard layout cannot be changed
-Fixed: Call disconnect("") for all loaded plugins when closing TC (system calls onDestroy() method)
-Fixed: Call unregisterReceiver after ending Bluetooth enumeration
-Fixed: Do not call registerReceiver for ACTION_SCREEN_OFF event more than once
-Fixed: Do not change encoding of ANSI files (e.g. in editor) and file names (ZIP/RAR) depending on the user interface language - use system encoding instead
-Fixed: Could not abort unpacking from zip
-Fixed: Progress bar wrong when unpacking very large files from zip
-Fixed: Properties: Permissions for some files not shown because of date parsing problem (1 instead of 01)


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