SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download

SMS Commander v1.21 Apk Download
Control your phone via text message with SMS Commander! Patent Pending!
*(Patent Pending)*
SMS Commander can:
- Find your silenced phone
- Lock your phone w/ SMS
- Get missed calls automatically
- Get a Google Map of your phone's location
- Get Battery Percentage
- Forwarding of text messages
We've all lost our cell phones. This application was designed to help you find your cell phone when you've left it somewhere on the silence or vibrate setting, and calling it seems hopeless. Using a secret password and a "command," you can tell your phone to set the volume to full loudness using an text message.

But that was only the beginning. Now this full-featured application provides a host of powerful commands that allows you to get the most from your Android™ phone when you are without it.
Basic Usage - Your Commander Code
You choose a special code that you can share with a trustworthy friend, that allows you to make use of SMS Commander via text message. To use a command, you need to enter:

your_password.example_command example_parameter

e.g.: if I wanted to get my mother's phone number from my phone, I would type the following in a text message to my phone:

MyAwesomePassword.getContact Mom

Within seconds, if my phone is on, I will receive my mother's phone number in a text message on the phone I used to text my phone.
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Android OS Requirements
1.1 and up

What's in this version:
  1. Whats new in 1.3:
  2. password.spy
  3. allows you to listen in to whoever is near your phone!
  4. If someone steals your phone, and refusees to pick up your call, just send this new command.
  5. Your phone will call you, and set itself to speaker so you can hear him!
  6. Now pick up the phone and quickly mute it. You are now listening in on whoever is near your phone!
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