OSMonitor v1.1.8 Apk Download

OSMonitor v1.1.8 Apk Download

OSMonitor v1.1.8 Apk Download


OSMonitor is a small open source tool that allows you monitor your Android phone.

The app's features divided into 5 categories:

Process - monitor all processes and display detail information about each

Interface - show every physical or logical network interface with statistics

Network - display every TCP or UDP network connection, and query it via WHOIS (requires Google Map)

Misc - monitor processor, battery and file system

Message - check dmesg or logcat in real-time

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Released: November 28, 2010
- Fix whois function 100 queries per day
- Add freeze function to message tab
- Add slow adapter feature to process tab (optional)
- Add quick sort as default sort algorithm for process tab
- Fix minor FC

Developer: eolwral
Category: System
Latest version: 1.1.8
Total versions: 1
Submitted: 26 Mar 2011
Updated: 26 Mar 2011
File Size : 173 Kb

Download OSMonitor v1.1.8 Apk
OSMonitor v1.1.8 Apk Download