Download Gun Bros Game -Old school shoot-em-up lands on Android

The plot is wafer-thin – you are in charge of one of the Gun Bros and you have to shoot as many bad guys as you can. Using dual virtual joysticks, the game is frenetic with a never-ending supply of bullets and a ton of enemies to deal with across the game’s 10 planets.

Kill the enemies though and you get coins, and coins mean better weaponry. Most won’t be happy with the amount of coins they collect though, and that is where this free game becomes a premium one. Essentially you have the choice of buying yourself more weaponry, with real cash, to help you further your travels in the game.

Gun Bros is a great game to play in short bursts, but we did find the graphics to be a little buggy and the game froze a number of times.

Its developers, Glu Mobile, are putting this down to the popularity of the game, and promise that these bugs will be ironed out over time.

Even with these niggles, though, we would heartily recommend two tickets to the Gun show.

Gun Boos for Android was developed by: Glu Mobile
File size: 1.9MB
Price: Free
Download Gun Bros Android Game v1.4.2:
Rebirth Android apk
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