Biljet AR - AC130 v1.0.1 ARMv7 & ARMv6 (1.0.1) Android Apk Game

Biljet AR - AC130 v1.0.1
Requirements: Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: Beyond Reality presents its first Augmented Reality Mobile Game! (Beta status for ARMv7: We'd love your feedback! Please go to for bug reports)

(This game is currently available for all devices due to beta testing. It is possible that it won't work on your device if it has no ARMv7 capable processor. Normally this is filtered through the market.)

About the Game:
The AC130 is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft, in this game you take seat as the main gunner.
Using a variety of weapons with each their own strenghts and weaknesses you must complete various missions.

This game uses the BiljetAR format, which features banknotes as markers. The main thought behind this choice is that it's mobile,
it's common and almost everyone has it on them.
A printed marker could be to big to bring in your pocket, or easily forgotten. In our case, you could just
head to the bank if you don't have a marker on you.

Choose your currency from the Config menu, which currently has 5 options: 1 US Dollar, 5 Canadian Dollar, 5 Euros, 5 UK Pound and 1000 Yen (more to be added soon!).
Eventually the goal is to add every type of currency to the game, so it can be played anywhere in the world.
The side which will be used for tracking will be previewed to the player once the game is started.

Vibration is toggled on or off in the same Config menu.

The player can fire the selected weapon using the fire-button in the bottom right of the screen, and select a different weapon using the
ammo icon in the top right of the screen.

New objectives will be displayed at the bottom, given by the Mission Commander.
A counter will point out how many enemies are left on the current objective. Look around closely, they might be hiding!

The ingame menu is opened by pressing the hardware Menu key on the phone, after that either tapping Resume or pressing the hardware Back key returns to the game.

Whenever tracking is lost the game pauzes and shows the currency preview with a message towards the player how to resume the game.

The current version only features one mission, but it gives a good view of what kind of objectives are possible.
The mission fails if the player destroys one of the buildings or if the VIP gets away.
It succeeds when the VIP from the last objective is taken out.

Since this is still a Beta version some bugs and glitches might occur.
We welcome any feedback to improve the game!


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