Agent (Shoot the Targets) v1.7.4 (1.7.4) Android Apk Game

Agents are the best of the best. That's why we recruited you. Don't let us down.

Welcome to Agent. Agent is a 2D-Side Scrolling-First Person Shooter/Shooting simulation. Agent supports App2SD, I recommend it!


Tap the targets to shoot. Game may lag on lower-end devices. Agent is Table ready and runs great on the Galaxy Tab. Try the demo first to make sure Agent runs well on your device. The demo has the first 16 levels out of 65 in the full game and you will continue your game progress when you upgrade.

We're not slicing fruit, or launching birds. No towers to setup, and no, this does not involve orbs floating around the screen. Agent is all about shooting targets. Some targets shoot back at you. You'll have to be a quick shooter to survive.

On low end devices Agent will run slow, or be unresponsive when you shoot. Sorry there is nothing at all I can do about this. You can try lowering the graphics quality or making sure anti-aliasing is turned off to compensate.

I add new levels to Agent often, don't uninstall if you want to stay updated.

Agent also includes 7 levels so you can play split screen multiplayer with a friend.
  1. Episode 1- Pistol (x2)
  2. Episode 2- SMG (x2), Shotgun
  3. Episode 3- M16, Sniper Rifle (,Gatling Gun Bonus Level)
  4. Episode 4- AK-47
Because the game is so big, I really recommend that you install to the SD card (search the Market for app2sd) because HTC Wildfires might have a bug when space is low.

Released By The Market Militia