6 Of The Best Android Games of 2010

The Android Operating system has had a great start, since its launch over 5 years ago, which is in part thanks to the open architecture. It is architecture like this which has attracted developers to the platform and manufacturers to produce many more devices based on the Android Operating system. Android from a users perspective is seen as firstly a phone as well as an Internet browser, Multimedia and App’s device. The two reasons coupled together has created a huge developer market. Developers around the world learned the basics of the SDK and in no time have created many quality apps, all within short succession of one another. Here we will concentrate on the very best games, which we have seen released during 2010. Though they are numbered, they are all good and it was difficult to rank some above others. Please use this piece as a guide for the best Android Games of 2010 so far.

1. Angry Birds, has been voted one of the best smartphone games with more than 7 million downloads on Android alone! The aim of the game is simply to fire birds at green pigs to recover your eggs. There are around a hundred levels which vary in difficulty. Warning: This game is highly addictive, and well worth a download.

2. Pocket Racing trumps the second position. Pocket racing brings classic arcade style racing to new heights and this one is really polished to give you hours of racing and if you complete the game, there are literally hundreds of other racing games, none quite as good as this one though.

3. Robo Defense is the successor to the well known Tower Defense game. If you have some time to spend on this exciting strategy game. Plan how you will stop the enemy with turrets of varying abilities. Robo Defense is one of the most addictive Android games.

4. Zenonia is RPG. When we say RPG, you might think of World of Warcraft or Zelda. This game is the Zelda series cloned and renamed Zenonia. With all the advancements in the graphics, as a result of technological advancements over the years the game play and effects have really benefited making Zenonia a great remake. I have no doubt that this game will give you countless hours of fun developing your little heroes throughout their difficult journey.

5. Prism 3D is not just another generic puzzle game. It has complexity not common in the simple “Tetris like” or “marble madness like” games. The game uniquely provides access to other players maps, adding endless customization to the user experience. If your not satisfied with that then you can create your own levels with ease.

6. Last but not least, is Panzer Panic. A fantastic little battle game, command your tanks and destroy the enemy with this time passing game, these little cartoonish tanks crawl around your screen, their guaranteed to provide much entertainment, or distraction from work?

A characteristic all of these games possess is simplicity and an action theme – this seems to be the recipe for a successful mobile game and there are certainly many other games that are on par with these ones, perhaps even better, get on Android Market and find your favorite game.