New Android Malware Geinimi Hits Android Platform

The Android platform which has seen rapid increase in malware attacks in the last year has been once again targeted, this time by a Android Malware Attack Imagenew Android malware dubbed as Geinimi. California based security research firm Lookout Mobile Security discovered the Geinimi through user postage in a forum and the security firm has said that it is the most decorated Android malware it has seen till date.

The firm has also said that this is the first malware which exhibits botnet like features and once installed it is capable of taking significant amount of personal data. The malware has come up in China and many infected programs have been sent to various Chinese apps store.

Mobile Security: An Important Issue
It is to be noted that in the last one year there has been a significant growth in malware attacks targeted towards the Android platform. In a report released by security vendor Adaptive Mobile earlier this month it was revealed that malware attacks have increased by nearly 33% as compared to last year with Google’s Android platform witnessing the maximum rise of such attacks. However, the report also said that infection rate of Android remained little as compared to other platforms.