Android Platform Soon To Have VLC Media Player

VLC media player is one of the most admired open source software available in the market. The media player has found immense takers thanks to its compatibility with almost all the video formats used.

VLC Media Player Logo Picture Because of this exceptional quality many Windows users prefer it over the Windows Media player. VLC which has made its way into iPhones and iPads will soon be available in the Android market.

Development Of Android Version Of VLC
According to Jean Kempf, lead developer of VLC, it is simply a matter of weeks before VLC player’s application for Android is released. It is expected that Android version of VLC will go live in early 2011 and when launched, Android will become the second mobile OS to be supported by VLC.

VLC team had been working for quite some time now on the port of VLC but faced difficulties as Android’s multimedia output was based on Java. But with Google launching Native Development Kit, the process had become much easier. However, fragmentation which has been a problem for Android platform might delay the release of the VLC version for Android.